The Right Programme for ‘Ibādah

Reaching Allah subhanu wa ta’ala.

In Shaykh's Company

“‘Ibādah is one thing, trying to reach Allāh ta’ala is another.’ People do lots of ‘ibādah in Ramaḍhān, but they do it as they please, without any objective or guidance.

Their condition can be likened to someone who wants to get fit, and so enthusiastically starts to diet and exercise, but only lasts a few days before giving up. If they were to consult a dietician, they would be given a diet and an exercise programme that would enable them to achieve their goal.

Similarly, those who try to worship Allāh ta’ala according to their own programme of ‘ibādah will not reach their objective. The task of a Shaykh (spiritual guide) is to ensure that the Murīd (disciple) reaches his objective which is the pleasure and ma‘rifah of Allāh ta’ala and as such the Shaykh instructs and guides his murīd in his ‘ibādah.”

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