The Last Stretch

Checking in one more time before the end of Ramadan. 

I knew this was going to happen. I could feel it from the first day of Ramadan that these days would go by so fast and that before I knew it they would be done. 

I used to remember in the past when I was a kid I used to dread Ramadan or at least not be as excited at the very least hence the days would be like years on their own. If only they felt like that now. 

As the final ten days of Ramadan come upon us I just wanted to remind myself about this guest that is about to leave and to take advantage of it’s many fruits and gems that it holds for us. That we should all strive extra in these last ten blessed days and nights of Ramadan and that even ifwe have been slippin’ with our goals we still have time to renew our intentions and to renew our fervor in rushing towards righteousness. 

My teachers mention that these 30 days are but a few days. In reality they are a life stimulation. That these 30 days represent your whole life which in comparison to the hereafter are but a few days. And that the day of Eid is the day you meet Allah (God) aza wa jal (aka death). That if we can just make our lives like the days of Ramadan in which we struggle just a little bit against our lower self’s then our death will be more joyous then the days of Eid of this world. 

It comes in a authentic narration about scene on the day of judgement. The people will ask each other how many years did we live on the earth? Some will say like this, others will say like that. One  good at estimating time would reply to them that we just there for a few days. Meaning your entire life of 40, 50, 60, 70+ years will be only but a faint memory of a few days and nights. How happy will be that man or women who comes on that day knowing that he/she spent those few days and nights in the obedience and love of his Creator, Allah (God). 

So treat these swift approaching yet also swift exiting days of Ramadan the same.

I personally will be joining the select few who get the honor and blessing to make the Sunnah Itikaaf in the masjid for the next 10 days and nights approximately. It will be like a spiritual seclusion where one is completely cut off from the world physically, mentally, and spiritually. In order so that person can re-connect with His Lord, Most High. In order re-prioritize the important matters in his/her life. And last but not least to gain the forgiveness and pardon of His Lord, Most Great for these are days in which Allah will free many souls from the fire. 

Please pray that Allah accepts my khalwa (spiritual seclusion) aka Itikaaf for His sake only and that I come back gaining His Forgiveness, Pardon, Mercy, Love, Pleasure, and Ma’rifah. 

Until then, Enjoy the rest of your Ramadan. 

Peace from the West Coast. 


About khidrsthoughts

A traveler among travelers crossing the bridge of this world to the eternal.
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