The Philosophy of Instagram

Quite thought provoking.

Anthony J. Palmer


It’s a new trend in social media. We spend as much time debating the philosophy of our apps and web tools as we do using them. But I can’t help it. Our growing desire to capture every moment of our lives is a topic of deep philosophical fascination.

Nathan Jurgenson, writing in Cyborgology, argues that our love of the “faux-vintage photo” is part of a “larger trend whereby social media increasingly force us to view our present as always a potential documented past.”  If our social media is a binary tension between the inner scribe and poet, he writes, Instagram channels more of the latter.

This is largely because a digital photo that looks like a 1960s Polaroid imparts instant importance.

“By making our digital photos appear physical,” he writes, “we are attempting to purchase the cachet and importance that physicality imparts.”

He writes:

Perhaps the answer is because the physical…

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