Reflections on the BBC Documentary “Child of Our Time”

So I watched the BBC Documentary episode 1 “Child of Our Time”. It discussed 5 specific personality traits that all of us have in common and then analyzed on how these 5 may be genetically inherited and/or be a product of our life experiences and environment.

When studying these concepts of personality development I’ve learned over time that bluntly People are different even if they share your personality type. In addition, that there are so many factors to a persons personality and thought process which is why psychologist in my opinion struggle to really pin point what exactly shapes who we become. Rather they can only make educated guesses and do more research about what they already know and have yet to find out. 

But as I was watching the documentary a thought came into my head. I realized that a lot of these kid’s personalities weren’t necessarily a product of their very distinct life experiences whether for good or bad but I felt instead that those personalities were gifts from God to handle life’s ups and downs. It wasn’t just by chance that the child with a extrovert personality just happened to have to deal with divorced parents thus his extroversion helped him in coping with the struggles that came with that life situation. Rather in my humble opinion is that God’s work is at hand. And it was so beautiful for me to be able to see that through all of these kids individual circumstances and how they connected and worked out “magically” with their personalities. 

In my opinion, there is nothing called coincidences but everything is following a strict course of action and plan and that everything in life has a reason and purpose behind it. 

I feel that always science unfortunately is one step below or behind because of their lack of acknowledgement of these matters. 

And as I reflect on who I am myself and who I have become, I can only thank God for what He has bestowed upon me from the many blessings and bounties. 

Allhumduillah (All praise and thanks are due to God). 


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A traveler among travelers crossing the bridge of this world to the eternal.
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2 Responses to Reflections on the BBC Documentary “Child of Our Time”

  1. White Pearl says:

    MASHALLAH !! Love the article !! xx

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