Checking our Intentions


We have already almost passed one third of this month of Ramadan. I’m personally using this time for specific reflection and taking myself into account on what have I gained in this first third of Ramadan and where have I been lacking. 

My teachers have mentioned that if anyone finds lack of motivation or passion when entering certain acts of worship then they recommend that one reads about the Virtues of those actions. One great book out is the Virtues of Ramadan by Ml. Zakariyya. You can find a pdf version of it online if need be insha’Allah. 

So just a reminder to myself and others to revive our intentions for Ramadan and to check if we are striving for those goals we set for ourselves in the beginning of Ramadan. 

I pray that all your Ramadans are filled with blessings and steadfastness. Ameen. 



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3 Responses to Checking our Intentions

  1. White Pearl says:

    What I personally think…..We should not worship Allah In search of the virtues we get ! We should worship Him because we Love Him and He deserve all the worship…….Reward is a thing that is obvious ! Nice post 🙂 Ramadan Mubarik ! 🙂 xx

    • Agreed. Scholars have put people into three categories. The one who worships Allah out of fear of Him. The second is the one who worships Allah out of hope in reward for Him. And the last and most superior of the three is the one worships Allah out of Love knowing that Allah alone is worthy of worship and praise.

      All three are acceptable in the Shariah. So if someone does the other two its completely fine but of course if one is striving for the best then the last category is our goal.

      Jzk Khrn for the comment.

      Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family as well.

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