Occupy your Heart with Allāh Ta’ala

Beautiful reminder. A definite goal for all of us seeking God to illuminate our hearts with His Love.

In Shaykh's Company

“Whatever is inside a person’s heart will emerge at the time of death. If the love for Allāh ta’ala is in a person’s heart then at the time of death this will become apparent, and if the love of the world is in the heart then this too will show at the time of death.

Take the example of a parrot; you can teach it to say the word ‘Allāh’ and it may say ‘Allāh’ all day long. However, when a cat pounces at it, only then will the reality emerge, i.e. it will resort to its natural voice and squawk in alarm. It will not say ‘Allāh’, as it was merely on its tongue, not in its heart.

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A traveler among travelers crossing the bridge of this world to the eternal.
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