Ramadan Cravings



So we are on day 4-5 of Ramadan. Allhumduillah (All praise is due to God), it’s going much better than I was expecting only because of the mercy of my Lord.

Not sure if this happens to others but for some reason after not having eaten anything in the last 15-16 hours I start getting the most random-est food cravings. It’s weird its like the Nafs (the inner self) becomes so starved that it starts wanting these random foods that I wouldn’t crave at all throughout the year. Just to give an example, throughout the year I won’t have these straight melted peanut butter rolls. However, today I had the random crave to just bite into such a delicacy, allowing the warm peanut butter to just melt in my mouth. RANDOM?! I could have it any time in the year but just all of a sudden now when I can’t eat I do.

The most interesting thing is that once I break my fast and have the tradition meal at sunset called Iftar then those random cravings just vanish, like poof they never existed. And after Dinner it’s like food is the last thing I even want to think about.

It’s as if the mind gets these signals (which is dose) from the stomach telling it that it’s empty. And because it has all these options in the world the mind conjures up the most random-est cravings to fulfill that biological need of nutrition and sustenance. But as soon as the stomach receives what it needs for survival then those signals stop thus the mind stops conjuring these random cravings. Interesting stuff.

I wonder if this happens to others? I know for sure pregnant women go through this obviously for different reasons.


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