Dhikr and it’s benefits.

 The following are statements from Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi from his book “Advice of Hazrat Thanwi” in regards to constancy in Dhikr and its benefits. Reading it gave me zeal and hope in my Adhkaars and most importantly persistence 


Once Hadhrat said: Drops of water continuously falls on a stone


resulting in eventually a hole being formed. Can it be said that the


last drop formed the hole on the stone? Never! The first drop was


just as effective as the last drop in forming the hole. Never consider


the first drop to be useless. In the same way, the first day’s Zikr


that one considered to be without benefit is undoubtedly beneficial!


The special (spiritual) condition that has been achieved is the result


of the first Zikr just as the latter Zikrs.”






“On another occasion Hadhrat said (on the same subject):


Although not felt, benefit (from Zikr) is achieved from the very


beginning. A child grows daily, but it can never be determined how


much the child has grown for a particular day. One can gauge the


growth of the child only after a considerable amount of time has


passed by comparing his present condition to the previous. A major


difference will be noted. In the same way, Zikr, in the initial stages


seems to be devoid of benefit, but actually he is receiving benefit


all the time (without realizing it).”



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