Hidden Pride

A mureed of Mawlana Ashrtaf Ali Thanwi(rahmatullahi Alayhi) said “My heart
grieves when I hear people speaking ill of you.”

Mawlana (rahmatullahi Alayhi) said “Thousands of people speak ill of Allah(swt).They say bad things about the Prophet(sallallaho Alayhi wasallam) . Some curse the mujtahideen. Did you ever lament these issues?? If not , when why are you sad at their speaking badly about this incompetent
Ashraf Ali?”

Then he said “Actually the problem is that your heart is motivated by the essence of pride . So you get upset. How dare they attack OUR AKABIR? This humiliates your nafs. This a subtle ploy of the nafs(lower self).Khayr, if it is not kibr(pride) then I ask why do you bother over such matters as wanting people to say good things and not bad things? If you were focused on the ultimate destination you would never be wasting your time in discussing such trivialities with people”

Hairat Angaiz Waqiat


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A traveler among travelers crossing the bridge of this world to the eternal.
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