Double Standards

Say something against the state of Israel and its called anti-semantic and under California’s new law legal action is taken against that person. Say evil lies about the Prophet of Mankind, Muhammed (saw), which incites riots across the world from Yemen to Australia and they say we can’t do anything about it. Double standards? Read the New York times today which quoted a statement from Google that they would not take down the movie because it did not violate any of its term and conditions and will let it stream on youtube which they own. I’m sure if it was about Jews and the state of Israel they would have taken it down in a second.

I am not advocating that one should speak ill of Jews or any faith as it’s actually impermissible to do so in Islam, rather I’m only bringing to light the OBVIOUS double standard present in regards to this. Why is it no surprise that continue to have double standards with the Muslims. But it’s ok for this life is a mere prison for the believers.

Stuff like this make’s me want to make Shukr (thankfulness) to Allah (swt) for making a perfect life after this imperfect where we may dwell in peace if we are obedient.


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A traveler among travelers crossing the bridge of this world to the eternal.
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