Medinah Reflection

Remember to make dua for our brothers and sisters in faith and humanity in Philippines who got rocked with a 7.6+ earthquake and now are under Tsunami Warning. And don’t forget on this blessed day of Jumuah (friday) to make sincere dua’s for our brothers and sisters in Syria, Burma, and across the world who are suffering while we are enjoying peace and security. 

One of the things that touched me the most while I was in Makkah and Medinah was that at in every Witr Prayer, every Jummah Dua, and in every Public dua made in the two haramayn shareefs, the imams, may Allah (swt) bless them, would always menton Syria and Burma in sync together. In this really means a lot to me personally just because it shows concern and unity for the ummah. It shows that it doesn’t matter what your color or ethnicity is or whether your Arab or Ajma (non-Arab) or where you come from. All that matters is that we share ,Tawheed, the oneness of Allah azawajal. And this is just a reflection of the Haq (truth) of Islam. And when you hear the people crying together and roar of the Ameen’s it puts chills up your spine.

Then you realize the Muslims are a force to reckon with when united. And such issues like Palestine, Syria, and Burma are sometimes blessings in disguise because whoever you may and whatever you may call yourself within the realm of Islam if one has a heart then one will feel the pain of the people of Syria, of Burma, of Palestine, and of all our brothers and sisters across the world going through hardships. And through the many difference we may have we are united on those fronts. 

May Allah (swt) grant them victory over their oppressors, grant them Sabr with Salah, and make their affairs easy for them. Ameen.


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A traveler among travelers crossing the bridge of this world to the eternal.
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