Makkah Reflection


A late Eid Mubarak to all who are reading. I hope Eid was filled with happiness and joy as it was the day that Allah (swt) forgave all our sins and this one of the few things one should feel joyous about. 

Allhumduillah, I was given the enormous gift and opportunity to spend the last 20 days of Ramadan in Madinah and Makkah. During my travels you see a lot of things. I learned quickly that Madinah was the city of Shukr and Makkah became the city of Sabr. This outlook really helped in coping with the different trials sent my way during my trip. But these were small in comparison to the joy one felt in the sacred, blessed lands. I had one realization while I was in Makkah that truly changed my outlook and really benefited me so I thought I would share it. 

Being in the presence of 4 million other Muslims in Ramadan in the Haram Shariff is quite overwhelming needless to say. And because of the large crowds things are bound to go wrong almost always. And after seeing something that shouldn’t have happened near the Haram, I began to think about all the Muslims around me. And though I was disappointed in the conduct of a few I realized that these few people were chosen servants of Allah. I began to think that Subhan’Allah no matter what I might have thought about the group of individuals and their behavior, these same people were special chosen servants of Allah azawajal. Because guidance isn’t something we seek and we achieve by our own means but rather it is the biggest favor of our Lord that he grants us this. So as I watched these same people I started to have much honor and respect for them for they were chosen out of 7 billion people on this earth to have faith in Allah ta’ala. And this Iman (Faith) shines like a diamond among dull rocks.  They were handpicked by Him whereas others were not. They had certain qualities within them that Allah (swt) loves thus granting them infinite security in the hereafter with the Kalimah. Such people even if they did wrongs are easily forgiven especially if they are near the baitullah (House of Allah). 

This realization was truly a gift from Most Wise. It granted me reverence and honor for every Muslim brother and sister I met after that, knowing that they were special in the sight of Allah, in the sight of my Creator. 

May Allah (swt) honor us as He has honored his special servants and may He accept us as He as accepted his most close servants. Aaameen YaRaabilalameen. 



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    Mahmoud was here 😀

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