Special Guidelines and Advice’s for the Blessed Month of Ramadan

-By Hazrat Maulana Shah Abrarul-Haq Saheb (ra)

1) Abundant recitation of Kalima Tayyiba ( La ilaha illalah)

2) Abundant istighfar, or repentance ( Astugfirullah)

3) Asking Allah for Jannah

4) Seeking protection from the Hell-Fire

5) Reciting the Quran as much as possible

6) Abundant salawat on the Prophet (sallallhu alayhi wa sallam) [ At least 300 times. The more the better]

7) Making an effort to be punctual on performing salah in congregation with takbir-ulaa (first takbir)

8) Arriving early for the tarawih prayers so as to perform the Isha Salah in congregation. 

9) Spending one’s spare time in the masjid for the intention of itekaf (retreat in the masjid)

10) Giving as much charity as possible

11) Being very cautious of falling into useless and vain talk. Without any dire need, one should not even get involved in worldy talk. 

12) Abstaining from all sins; especially watching shameless and useless movies and programs, lustful glances, back-biting, gambling, listening to music, neglecting the hijab, cursing, arguing, shaving or trimming the beard less than fist. Otherwise Allah Ta’ala does not reward the fast of such a person who is simultaneously involved in constant sin while fasting. Such a fast does attain the benefits and rewards of fasting. It has been mentioned in one hadith that fasting is a shield from the fire of Hell, as long as once does not tear it down. The meaning of tearing down the shield is to commit sins. (Mishkat al Masabih)

Important Note: A person should ponder over this fact that during fasting, a person leaves food and drink which are the necessities of life. Tobacco, coffee and all other sorts of addictions were also abandoned during this month in order to fulfill the command of Allah. Such a difficult task was accomplished in order to attain the blessings and rewards of the fast. A person goes through so much difficulties to leave those things which were necessities of our lives, so how inappropriate and wrong it is to increase in those actions which were worthy of abandoning in the first first place. 

In has been mentioned in hadith sharif that: Anyone who does not leave evil speech and acting on that evil speech then Allah is in no need of him leaving his food and drink.

By making a sincere effort and striving, Allah Ta’ala makes the most difficult of tasks extremely easy out of his mercy. May Allah Ta’ala grant us all the ability to attain the maximum rewards from our fasting. Ameen 


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