I have to say one of the best times for one to understand and know who they truly are is during Ramadan. When the shaiteen are locked up one is left alone with their nafs. Any inclinations, whispers, or sins will all stem from their own nafs. There’s no more tag team. It’s a sole one on one match up with your lower self. One should truly take advantage of this time and introspect upon who they are. I realized many things about myself just by the stray thoughts and feelings that come my way throughout the day. If I feel annoyed at something I know this is from my nafs and know this bad quality has been revealed in clear day and gives me the opportunity to rectify it. Interesting enough, many things I thought I struggled with have vanished like thin air. Showing me, that these things were whispers from the Shaiteen and now equipped with this knowledge I can take better care of restraining myself. So take advantage of such opportunities. And make much Murarqaba (Reflection) on one’s evil inner qualities and make firm resolutions to rectify them during this blessed and mubarak month of Ramadan. 


About khidrsthoughts

A traveler among travelers crossing the bridge of this world to the eternal.
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