With Islam comes Reality and Wisdom

I was speaking to a co-worker  who is near 80 years old about life etc. She was telling me about how some CEO of some big company had so much money at his disposal that he was now thinking of making his own island etc. She mentioned that maybe 20 years ago she would have called such a man really successful but her eyes have opened up recently to the reality that these superficial things as wealth and items don’t bring the happiness she has been searching through her long life. She told me how she used to think that if she had a lot of money and reached a certain point where she didn’t have to worry about bills she would be content with life. But after she reached such a point being a practicing doctor for over 40+ years she realized it didn’t suffice the gap. Allhumduillah, I talked to her a little about Islam and about the sakeena a Muslim/Muslimah feels during prayer, and dhikr etc.  But what really shocked me was subhan’Allah this women who is near the end of her life just realized that these things in life didn’t bring happiness. After experience 80 years she has now come to the point where she is now where she believe that she wants more spirituality in her life.

Being a person who is exactly 1/4 her age, 20, I found it outstanding how the blessing of Islam comes the reality of life. We as muslims clearly understand or are taught to understand that such things as money, property, power, status, women, drugs etc will not  bring someone a peace of heart and mind. We know that the gap that is within our hearts was created by Allah (swt) and the only thing that can fulfill that gap is his Divine remembrance. The same realities this women had understood after going through 80 years of life has also been understood by a very young folks at the age of 15-16 mash’Allah. And this poor person who is of a mere 20 years and who has little to no knowledge was also able to comprehend these basic foundations of Islam. They say with Age comes wisdom, which is undoubtedly true. However, do you wanna know a short cut to gaining wisdom. Its to learn, practice, and propagate the tenets of our deen Al-Islam because through this deen one will gain much insight on life even while having little to no experience. 

May Allah (swt) grant us death upon his chosen way with his pleasure. Ameen


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A traveler among travelers crossing the bridge of this world to the eternal.
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  1. 911visa says:

    I loved your article, thanks for sharing


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