The Save Maryam Campaign

A great initiative, may Allah (swt) forgive us and guide us, and strength their hearts and open their eyes and hearts to the reality. Ameen

Grasping onto the Handhold that never breaks...

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

For more info:

LIVE campaign right now:

Their facebook page which is pretty active:

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2 Responses to The Save Maryam Campaign

  1. Please kindly visit

    What Mercy Mission said about Islam and Christian in Indonesia is simply untrue.
    To use such kind of misleading data to raise money is clearly a real deception, this is a con for what any reason behind.
    To exaggerate the ‘Christianisation’ as a severe problem in Indonesia is by all mean like fuelling the hardliners to attack their non-Muslim neighbours. And of course, only Indonesians would suffer, the campaigners would get fresh money and run away easily and innocently.

    • I saw the website. Allahu’Alim in regards to what the truth is and I can’t say sitting in the U.S.A that this is right and they are wrong or vice versa. However, I don’t think SaveMaryam campaign is blaming Christians for the conversation and that didn’t even cross my mind until SaveUdin mentioned it that way. Rather I felt they were rather blaming the Muslims for our lack of taking care of the needs of our own communities instead of letting other faith groups do that for us. That’s how I saw it. and Allah (swt) knows best.

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