14.5 way to uplift one’s soul during Ramadan- Shaykh Muhammed Mendes

1. Keep the greatest name of God, ALLAH, in your heart and mind at all times as much as possible;

2. Abstain from outward and inward transgressions against Nature, your fellow creatures, yourself, and the guidance of God;

3. Be a moonsighter not a moonfighter: look for the birth of the crescent moon at the beginning and end of Ramadan with friends and family (in Atlanta, we’ll be sighting the new crescent this Friday at Stone Mountain @ 8pm, God willing);

4. Donate your time, knowledge, and/or money to serving the most lonely, vulnerable, and oppressed people in your city with love, reverence, and empathy;

5. Discipline your tongue: speak to others only when there is a clear spiritual or material benefit, and then only say what is good and true or be silent;

6. UNPLUG from the Matrix: deactivate your social media accounts (unless you must use them for your livelihood), put the TV in the garage/closet, turn off the radio when driving, turn off the music and turn on the Koran, put away the video games, etc, etc, etc, and only use electronics or engage the virtual world when there is a clear spiritual or material need;

7. Go vegetarian or pescatarian for the month of Ramadan, if you must eat meat limit yourself to THREE SERVINGS of meat/poultry PER WEEK based on the practice of our master Umar son of al-Khattab (God be pleased with him);

8. Read the entire Blessed Koran in Arabic and a translation in your mother tongue at least once this month, if you are proficient in reading Arabic complete at least 2, 3, or 4 readings of the Blessed Koran, when you’re driving listen to the Koran;

9. Commit to reciting at least 1,000 prayers upon Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings on him and his folk) every day based on the sahih hadith related by Imam Diyau’d-din al-Maqdisi that whoever does this will not die until he sees his seat in paradise;

10. Spend time ALONE in wild nature (at least weekly for a 2-4 hours) as much as possible and 3-10 days in retreat (i’tikaf) during the last 10 days of Ramadan at a mosque;

11. Perform Salat at-Tasbih every night of Ramadan, if not every night then at least once per week, and if not once per week then at least once this month;

12. Eat a light pre-dawn meal and a light dinner after sunset, resist the urge to get seconds…but drink lots of water at night, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and take black seed and honey (for sustained energy and general health) before dawn and after sunset unless you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant ;

13. Reuse, reduce, and recycle what you consume and use as much as possible: live lightly upon the earth;

14. Strive to repair any unhealthy or toxic relationships with prayer, wisdom, and love, especially with your parents and siblings.

14.5. Be generous to your fellow creatures, as generous as a cool breeze.


On a side note, being someone who personally spent time with Shaykh Muhammed Mendas Al-Maliki, I have to say that just being in his company one is uplifted spiritually, mentally, and physically. He is a man who emulates his words through his actions, in short he practices what he preaches. A man of deep contemplation and a person truly concerned for the betterment of his soul. I love him for the sake of Allah (swt). 


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