Muslims Father: Man Up

The article hit in right on the nail. Unfortunately, many of us including myself sometimes get backward perceptions of certain things the Quran mentions. The beauty behind Islam is that everything is reinforced with the beloved practice of Nabi (saw) being the best example of a walking Quran and after him his family and companions. We must make sure our perceptions meet their standard of living and use them as our examples. Subhan’Allah the points mentioned in the article could also be of use to any father whether they were Muslim or not. The sad part is when you see such ill behavior on behalf of the Muslims and then on the contrary you see Non-Muslim parents being better parents. Ajeeb is our times. 

I am personally not a father nor husband and again cannot relate completely nor can I act on the counsels given immediately, however, my nieces have been giving be good training that’s for sure and insh’Allah I can also act upon these injunctions. On a side note, I wanted to say I think its quite important for youth or pre-marriage brothers and sisters to read up on such articles, books about such subjects so they don’t fall prey to the trend in our communities and add to the problem. But even more so that one is well prepared in advance.  

 “Failure to be strong, kind, and caring to your family is failure to be a true man and Believer.”- From the Above Article


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