Purpose and Meaning

Unfortunately, I spent a day watching a few war movies. Allhumduillah, didn’t miss my fard Salah w/jamaat in the process. But they were all movies about Samurais and warriors (my weakness). While watching there was an immense amount of blood shed combined. And I was thinking to myself, Subhan’Allah these movies are portraying a way of life just a few hundred years ago of Honor, Status, and Dignity. They held on to their honor, status, and dignity to the time the sword split them open. It really brought the reality of death in my mind and how easily these men died in wars, famine, and disease. But all for what? None of that which they held on to went with him. Nobody is going to remember them for long. Their family, their wealth all gone. And their so called Honor and Status also gone as the world continues to spin and the sun continues to shine and moon continues to illuminate the dark skies. The world doesn’t even stop for a second to mourn for the mans death.  I felt grief for people who had to die in such a state where they never realized their true purpose. And were deluded by this illusion of a life by other substitutions as their purpose whether it was their family, their country, or their sword. 

I truly had a immense feeling of thankfulness to Allah (swt) for the blessing of Islam. For freeing us from the shackles of this deluded world. He liberated us and is merciful to give us a real life after this one. I cannot truly articulate how I felt in words but to have a glimpse I must say whats the point of doing all that one does if death is coming one’s way. Nothing has meaning anymore. Except with Islam there is something to look forward to. With Islam one is given a goal, a purpose, a destination. It is through Islam that one gains sanity to struggle through this life to attain His Divine Pleasure, Love, and Marifah. Our struggles, our pain, our actions, they are not in vain but rather their will be recompense for it all. I feel sorry for those who do so much yet will have nothing to reap in return for it all except sorrow and grief for nothing seeing the reality. AllahuAkbar. 


I am pleased with Allah (swt) as my lord, with Islam as my religion (way of life), and with Muhammed (saw) as my Nabi. Image


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A traveler among travelers crossing the bridge of this world to the eternal.
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